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To prepare a landscape (You, or Me!) in order to assure it's readiness for bearing a fruitful crop.

Related terms:   sow, plant, reap, harvest, plow, till, dig, hoe, farm, work, fertilize, mulch

No matter how you look at it... Cultivation is a WORKING, active verb! It's not a flower garden that magically appears without the labor necessary to prepare the soil for blooming. It involves tools, digging deep, becoming tired, planting well and then constant pruning, shaping and snipping!

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Therefore, Welcome to this Cultivation WORK site!


Look around - there are many tools here to help you, from beginner to advanced learner.  Together let's cultivate our skills, our art, our careers and our creative friendships! The door is always open and I am always happy to see you here. 

Dig in with both hands, and Enjoy!

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