Thanks for your interest in my art. I have a wide  range of material and styles available for licensing.  I have over 500 motifs/patterns available, from simple to complex, and collections. Thanks to working in a corporate graphic design marketing department, I developed an ability to create visual media in many styles, as well as across genres and product lines - so there is quite a diverse range of material available, from botanicals / garden-inspired themes, to hand-lettered sentiments, editorial style graphics to intricate animal illustrations, and more.

To view my portfolios, fill out the contact form (on the Contact page) and simply request access to my full portfolio. If you'd rather email me instead, click here:  Email me 


I can also curate a personalized portfolio for your needs. For example, you might wish to see only botanical line art, OR full color highly detailed pieces. Rather than slog through everything, indicate what your interests are, and I will create a custom portfolio to suit your needs. 


FYI - all my illustrations are digitized, and saved as multiple layer files. Therefore, it is usually an easy process to drop out the color, change the color, or colorize a line art piece. There are lots of options available and I am familiar with the processes to perform them, so don't hesitate to ask if you see something that is a.l.m.o.s.t what you want, but not exactly, because I can most likely create it for you rather quickly. Most of my illustrations are high resolution raster, but I can re-create them in vector, if necessary.


Also, you can visit my Instagram account,  where new pieces are posted several times per week, for additional insight into my creative world.  

I'm also available to collaborate and create commissioned illustrations per your direction, for specific projects. Just email me at info@starlenedesigns.com


Let me know if you have questions or special requests - thanks! ♥ 

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