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This very personal recipe is a family favorite of my own sister, who passed away in 2018. It was her delight to cook for people, and this was her favorite recipe. The towel is decorative and utilitarian. It washes beautifully, the colors never fade or blur, and you can use it for years. Make a great gift - even for a guy - and looks great in a gift basket!


detailed hand-drawn spices, ingredients, side dishes and main entree. All hand-drawn by me! Features clear, easy to follow recipe for mixing your own hand rub, and cooking succulent, delicious ribs.


- Fabric is linen cotton canvas.

- Finished size is 18x27 inches.

- Color fast, does not fade even after regular use and many washes. I have some I have used for two years and they are still bright and crisp.

- All edges hemmed, mitred corners and hanging loop stitched onto back for placing on a peg in your kitchen.




Barbeque Recipe Decorative Kitchen Dish Towel

  • Wash once before use, to soften it and remove the fabric sizing. Do not use fabric softener as this can impact its absorbency. Use everyday and Enjoy!

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